What’s Next, God?

The theme we have chosen for lent at Central Christian Church of Waco this year is based on a devotional book titled, “What’s Next, God?”

Thunk about all of the different ways we can ask that simple little question. In the last few days, I have been somewhat pleadingly asking that question as if to also be saying, “okay, God, enough already…”

….from a complicated Monday where even simple things ended up being complicated (like Bush’s chicken forgetting to put the gravy in our to go meal—-honestly, how can they do that….they always have too much gravy!)

…to suddenly having several people contact me about making Savvy Sacks (pillowcase dresses) for them

….to finding out I would lead the major part of the Ash Wednesday service about 25 minutes before it begins

…to my son practicing his spinning and jumping and busting his head open on the corner of the coffee table as 12 people show up to my home for the Grace young adult meal…while we race out the door to urgent care. (no stitches, thankfully)

I mean, really….what’s next, God? I throw up my hands, wave the white flag, throw in the towel (insert pithy cliche here).

The Lenten journey to Easter is a long one. It is easy to get bogged down in the journey. However, my prayer during this journey to the resurrection is that I can work on all areas of my life in such ways that by the time I get to Easter, I can roll up my sleeves, and know that by the grace of God and the strength of the Spirit working through me, I can humbly, but boldly, in a go-ahead-and-bring-it-because-I-am-equipped-and-ready-kind-of-way ask, “what’s next, God?”

This blog, I hope, will be a way to share that journey.I told a few dear friends last night that my personal Lenten word is “purge.”

More on that later….

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