Growing a Children’s Ministry

Our church has a fabulous Children’s Ministry with wonderful, dedicated volunteers and great families.  The Children’s Ministry Team is focused on the word, “growth” for the year….spiritual growth, growth of the family faith experience, and numerical growth within the Children’s Ministry Areas.

So…I’m working on developing some incentives and creating some fun attendance boosters.   I’m wondering what has been successful at your church or what ideas you may have for this kind of thing….I don’t want to create a system that feels like bribery, but also want to create something that aids in children (and parents)understanding that we hope to see them weekly.

Obviously, I would much rather prefer that children are only intrinsically movitated, but I know that most often, there needs and can healthily be a balance of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

So my questions to you….

1) What are your thoughts on incentives and attendance boosters for Children’s Ministry?
2) What ideas do you have that might be something new and different (other than sticker charts and “gospel dollars?”
3) What would work for YOUR own child as a motivator?

I’ll be posting some updates in future posts on some of the ideas that have been marinating in my crazy brain on this topic….once I can sort them out!


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