Notes from the book "Collaborate"

I have just begun to read this book which is a collection of thoughts from 35 ministers on tue topic of family+church. One paragraph into the first entry and I am already excited to see what ideas start stirring in me!

I thought I would blog a bit of my thoughts and reflections as I read…but mostly want to use this as a place to keep my notes from the book.

Chapter 1:rising tide
“who is responsible for the spiritual development of a child?”

1) the family
2) the church

How would I describe my church’s ministry to families and kids?

—a place of great potential.
—an opportunity waiting to be properly exploited.
—a diamond in the rough.
—“small church” needing to transition to “medium sized-large church” structure.
—full of resources.

Wow…parent have about 3,000 hours/year of unscheduled time with their children. The church typically only has about 40 hours/year. (Reggie Joiner)

So…how do we as church get the point across to parents that they must be the primary source of learning about God’s love for their children?


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