Welcome to Preschool, Parents

My church has a wonderful preschool called “Noah’s Ark.” Two of my children are students here and love every moment! Like many schools around, this was our first week back. Gleaning this idea from a friend in kidmin, I put together “Breakfast to Go” bags for the parents after they dropped off their little ones.

  We had a coffee pot going complete with choice of some of those “fancy” flavored creamers and to-go coffee cups with lids. 

The bags were filled with an Otis Spunkmeier muffin, a mint, a welcome note from our preschool director, Jenny, and a note from me with details about our children’s ministries (KidCentral). Ah…see what I did there? Snuck in some info about the ministries of our church….

I’m always looking for more ways to invite the Noah’s Ark Families to Central. This was a great way to get information out and start the conversation.
Next year, I’ll remember to put a napkin in the bag!
Even sans napkins, the parents loved it, several asked if we could do this every day! Hmm,….I wish!

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