Giant Gameboard…making Sunday School memorable

Our preK-5th grade Sunday School ministry follows the “workshop rotation” model.  Our children experience one Bible story over the course of 3-5 weeks, but learn the story via different learning settings each week.
This month, they are learning the story of Moses and the Burning Bush. So far, they’ve experienced the story via a movie and through a cooking lesson (have you ever made burning bush cookies?
Over the next two weeks, our two age groups (PreK-1st and 2nd-5th) will experience the story alternately through games and art lessons.
Today, I want to highlight the games lesson.
I am SO very excited about this giant game board that I created. Getting the basic idea from lesson ideas, I headed to the store to get supplies to do it my own way…with duct tape and a tarp (someday I’ll get around to writing my first book on 101 ministry ideas using a tarp and duct tape)
While a fairly time consuming project and would have been easier on the ol’ body if I had worn knee pads, this is one of my favorite projects to date!
I measured the classroom where we will primarily use this game board and bought the largest tarp to fit.  This one is a 10’x20′ tarp and I think it was around $20.
Then you’ll need duct tape….about 4 rolls of each color. Yes, that is a LOT of duct tape!
For those of you who know me, I of course didn’t measure or map this baby out….I just started taping! Make the outline of your game path first.
Then simply fill in your squares with solid colored duct tape.
I used fun rainbow tape for the “winning” spot.
Now, all you need is to create different types of trivia questions based on your Bible story or theme.  Assign each category of questions a color, so that when kids land on that spot, they know what type of question or activity they will have to answer or do. Make one color a penalty color with scenarios that send the kids backward instead of a certain number of spaces forward. 
We had a set of oversized dice on hand already. I’d love to get some giant dice at some point,just for the novelty of seeing the kids roll them!
How would you use this in a children’s or youth ministry? 



  1. Do you think is easier if you paint the section and only do out line with duct tape? I’m going to try it this way to see if is easier I will let you know .if not I am still going to use your idea because I love it .thank you for sharing.


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