Got Ministry T-Shirts?

One of the previous ministers at my church began the tradition of wrapping the ceiling tiles in the youth room with Youth t-shirts. He even found older church shirts to add to the collection. When I began ministry with this church, we continued this fun tradition. (The photo below is a 6 year OLD pic, but the only one I had handy when writing this! I’ll add a new pic this week!) 

I have been trying to figure out how to eliminate the need to update all bulletin boards in the church (more explanation in a future post). I took this concept of displaying the t-shirts and paired it with my need to fill a HUGE bulletin board in the KidCentral preschool wing. 
I collected all of the children’s ministry t-shirts from the last 6 years and bought 12×12 canvases. (Michael’s has 7 packs for 19.99, then use a 40% off coupon).
I painted the entire bulletin board with blue latex paint (leftover from painting the youth room years ago) and then cut and stapled the t-shirts around the canvases. 
1) I am now fully aware that I do blue and black shirts all too often.
2) This board will hold about 40+ shirts, so I don’t have to change it for years! 
3) If this ministry gig doesn’t work out, I would love to design t-shirts for a living. 


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