40 things before 40

I turned 39 years old yesterday (October 24).  For some reason, 39 is hitting me harder than I thought.  I still feel like I “just” turned 22 and graduated from college…or maybe 25 and “just” got married….or 30 and “just” had my first child.

39 is “just” so grown up.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel like 39 is “old” in any way shape or form and I certainly don’t think that turning 40 next year is being “over the hill.”  Still, it’s just “grown up” feeling.

So, I’ve decided that “just” for fun, I’m going to make a 40 things before 40 list.  (Maybe I’ll like this and next year will do a 41 things before I’m 41 list, etc.)

But let’s just take the next 365 days…..

I asked for suggestions on my facebook page and there are some REALLY good ideas.

I’m going to keep editing this and updating it throughout the year. Many of these will have more explanation in future blog posts as I complete the task!

1. Try sushi. (I know NOTHING about sushi, so I need someone to help me understand what it all is about and what exactly I am eating.)
2. Lose the last 30-40 lbs that I really, really want to lose.
3. Help put together the Conover family reunion next summer that is starting to be “in the works.”
4. Read at least 5 books that have nothing to do with ministry. (suggestions welcome)
5. Plant a garden AND keep it alive–really develop the practice of daily caring for it.
6. Go back to church camp, if only for a weekend.
7. Reunite with my 3 wonderful TCU roommates, Stacey, Amy & Kim (bonus-with their families).
8. Catch up on organizing digital photos/scrapbooks.
9. Use my china at least once a month.
10. Say “no” to something big enough to matter.
11.  Redecorate Decorate the master bedroom in our home.
12. Develop the practice of taking walks around the neighborhood and local park at least 1-2 times/week with the family.
13. Host a block party and get to know our neighbors.
14. Get out of debt.
15. Buy a new christmas tree.
16. Send Christmas Cards
17. Go on a trip with Justin for our anniversary.
18. Take the kids camping.
19. Learn how to use my DSLR camera appropriately instead of just guessing.
20. Run a 5K (yeah, I know that’s a fairly short distance, but it’s LOOOONNNNG to this non-runner).
21. Read the entire Bible again.
22. Make the t-shirt quilts of old TCU and youth ministry t-shirts that I have started and never finished.
23. Go to the beach…any beach.
24. Make a snowman stocking for my youngest child.
25. Visit my sister, Kerrie, who lives in Ohio.

26. Host friends in our home at least once a month (we have gotten away from doing that).
27. Eat lunch with Savannah (and next fall, Carter-yikes, he’ll be in kinder!) at school at least once a month.
28. Visit my friend, Gretchen, who lives in Indiana. 
29. Become someone who “plays the piano,” not someone who “used to play the piano.”
30. Cook a soufflé…just because I never have and it sounds so fancy.
31. Get new flooring in my living room.
32. Redecorate the breakfast nook/dining room.
33. Go to a concert.
34. See the pumpkins at the Dallas Arboretum.
35. Go to “Painting with a Twist” with some friends.
36. Use all of my vacation days.

37. Send silly things in the mail to my nephew.
38. Do the laundry for at least a month (Justin does all of our laundry now–yes, I’m spoiled).
39. Take a road trip with the family to some place new.

40. Plan a 40th birthday dinner with family and friends next October 24. 


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