The Evolution of a Halloween Tradition

The Jack Family as “The Incredibles” 2013
This was SO much fun!  We had never done “family” costumes before!

Over the last several years, our home has become “trick or treat central” for several of the families from our church.  It started several Halloweens ago when I was working with the Youth @ Church and also had a 3 year old who wanted to Trick or Treat…so we hosted youth that Halloween Wednesday at our home.

Over the next few years, the Grace Young Adult Group usually came over for dinner and to hang out with us.  We were the only ones with kids at that time in the group. One or two other family friends would join us with the Young Adult Group.

During the last two or three years, more families from church have joined us and it has turned into an AMAZING night of fun, friendship, fellowship, food….and of course, candy. I LOVE being part of this every year! It just keeps getting better and better.

2013-  16 families
2011-  7 families
2012-  11 families

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