Journey to Easter: Part 2: Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper & Check-in Station Launch

Waco High Jazz Band
For the last three years, my church has hosted a Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper complete with live dixieland jazz provided by the Waco High Jazz Band. It’s a fun night out for kids and grown ups of all ages and something that many of us look forward to each year.  As part of the evening, children (and adults) are encouraged to make an “HALLELUJAH” banner/flag to wave around as we form somewhat of a prardge line as we dance around the room during the final song of the evening.  (This year, it was a rousing rendition of “When the Saints Go Marching In.”)  At the end of the song, we “pack away” the hallelujahs in a big box labeled, “do not open until Easter. This helps us mark the season of Lent and helps us to find other ways to say our praises to God during this reflective, repentant season.
Passport Check-in Station–on wheels so that we can easily move it to various locations around the church throughout Lent.

The other highlight for Fat Tuesday was that this was the “official” launch of our Journey To Easter program. I think I was more excited about it than the kids, but that excitement soon transferred to them.  As each child arrived at the event, I invited them over to the Passport Check-In Station where I used the iPad to take their Passport photo.

Two of my children demonstrate taking their passport photos
These photos will be printed and placed on the inside front page of their passports.  After getting their photo taken, the kids received their passports as well as their first sticker.
I am using Avery #22805 square labels and am creating a different sticker for each event. This sounds fancy and complicated, but using the free design & print templates on the Avery website, “fancy” comes quite easily!
By the way, the “Passport Check-In Station” is actually a rolling-drawer cart that used to be in my oldest daughter’s room, but has had a home in our garage for the last few months.  I simply wrapped it in this great blue fabric to hide the drawers and used spray adhesive to glue the printed signs onto the front of the display.


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