Journey to Easter: Part 4: Sunday Morning Lesson Line-Up

Thanks to overflowing bookshelves with great curriculum in my office, Pinterest, some incredible servant-leaders, and a little God-given creativity, we have a WONDERFUL line-up of lessons for our Lenten Sunday School series, “Journey to Easter”.

Our “normal” Sunday school for Pre-K thru 5th grade is based on the Workshop Rotation model for Sunday School.  In our 6 year scope-and-sequence, we have 6 weeks devoted to a Lent/Easter rotation each year. This year, instead of using our various workshop rooms, we decided to combine all of the children together to create a beautiful, holy chaos, in our fellowship hall. More on that in a future post.

Our nursery/preschool kiddos use First Look curriculum normally, but we’re taking a brief break so that they can participate in the Journey to Easter.

Among other events (Ash Wednesday, Easter Egg Hunts, Holy Week Worships, etc), today, I’ll share just what will be going on during our 9:30 am Sunday School Hour.

9:15-9:30 Children begin arriving, pick up their passports and boarding passes by the front door of the church, scan the boarding pass to check in at our Passport Check-In Station and participate in an “early arriver” activity.

9:35-9:45 Storytime in the Big Tent—Since our fellowship hall is quite a large room, we set up this tent for all of us to gather in during the main storytime of the morning.  It’s amazing that almost 30 kids can fit! The main purpose of the storytime is to find new, varied, creative ways to share the “Holy Week” events from scripture with the children over and over each week…so that by Easter Sunday, they can tell us the story easily.
9:45-10:15 Activity of the Day—here’s where the creativity happens!
–March 9: Baking Lenten Pretzels
–March 16: Assembling Resurrection Gardens
–March 23: Making Easter Story Trees–one to keep and one to give to our “Special Care” members (AKA homebound church members)
–March 30-Assemble keepsake Holy Week Banners
–April 6-Jelly Bean  & Easter Egg Sunday-activities with the Jelly Bean Prayer and making Resurrection Egg sets with each child
–April 13-Donkeys, Palms and Hosannas–Celebrating Palm Sunday with various activity stations set up around the room…including this ADORABLE project.
–April 20-Easter Sunday–we don’t have Sunday School on this day, but have an all-church brunch and Easter Egg Hunt instead.
10:15-Closing prayer & Clean-Up

Read the whole series:


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