Journey to Easter: Part 5: Lenten Pretzels

For our first Sunday morning in Lent, we shook things up a little bit. Instead of using all of our Workshop Rotation rooms, we gathered all of the children (yes, even the babies and toddlers) in our Teel Center (Fellowship Hall) as we will do every Sunday during this Lenten Journey to Easter Experience.

Children arrived and scanned their boarding pass, then sat down at the tables to color a “Lenten Pretzel” page.  After everyone arrived, some of our wonderful Servant-Leaders (AKA teachers/volunteers) assisted the children in baking Lenten Pretzels.  We used this blog as the springboard for our lesson.  The recipe turned out to be a great one (we just needed to add more salt to the top to make them perfect!)

While the pretzels were in the oven, the children and I piled into our “storytime tent.”  We set this up as a way to make our large fellowship hall feel a bit smaller to aid the children in being able to focus on the story of the day.  While sitting in the tent, we learned about the Legend of the Pretzel. We made the shape of the pretzel with our arms while we said our morning prayer.

After storytime, the pretzels were ready to eat!



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