Journey to Easter: Part 6: Resurrection Gardens

I “pinned” this idea on Pinterest over a year ago and have been excited about it ever since.  The idea of kids getting their hands dirty in order to create something with such great symbolism and meaning is always an exciting thing for me. I won’t try to re-explain the step-by-step process needed to make these because the blog I referenced here does a great job at that!
During our time in the “storytime tent,” we explained the meaning of each part of the Resurrection Garden. Our goal, of course, is that by Easter, all of the children of the church will be able to tell the “Easter Story” on their own.  Each activity and experience we offer via this Journey to Easter is to point the child in that direction!

My favorite moment was watching the children walk by the display table holding all of the finished gardens.  We placed these in the main hallway of the church so that the whole congregation could see what’s going on in KidCentral.  It was precious to see the kids stop, look, search for their own and light up when they found it.  I even heard a few comment about whether or not their grass seed had started to grow already!



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