Journey to Easter: Part 7: Easter Story Trees

One thing that I knew would happen, but didn’t fully anticipate just how “big” it would be, is the number of “yeses” we would get during this Journey to Easter. I mean, I prayed for people to say, “yes” to helping here and there, but I have been so humbled by not only the quantity, but the enthusiasm, excitement, and willingness to be a servant-leader that comes along with each one.

For this morning’s activity, the children were to make Easter Story trees.

I found the initial idea online, but unfortunately it was a dead link on Pinterest…just a photo. If you can help me give credit for the concept, please do!

Since all I had was a photo, I asked sweet Claire, an artist in our church, if she could create some line drawings in the shapes of Easter eggs for the children to color. Each egg has a picture of a different symbol to represent part of the Bible story spanning from Palm Sunday-Easter morning.  I also asked a wonderful woodworker/handyman, Bill, if he would make the dowel rod trees….

Claire….”yes…and I’ll make a sample, and I’ll be there that morning to help the children.”

Bill…”yes, and I’ll run to hobby lobby to check out supplies, and I’ll have them done in four days instead of four weeks.”

Sunday morning work crew (more on this in a future post)….”yes…we will assemble all 35 of the trees once Bill brings us the pieces.”


Our hope is that by Easter, the children will have many tools that they have created to help them retell the Easter Story.

We also collectively made 4 more trees to deliver to some of our Special Care members who are not able to come to church. I asked members of our Member Care team who visits our special care members on a regular basis to serve as leaders during this particular lesson so they could share the stories of the children when they deliver the trees.


Read the whole series:

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