Bury The Hallelujah, Pancakes, and the Beginning of Lent

_MG_4939Several years ago, one of our church members was visiting family when she heard about the tradition of “burying” the hallelujah during lent. I had never heard about this practice, but was intrigued by it…especially with regard to teaching children about the Lenten journey. We don’t say hallelujah during lent as a way to prepare and anticipate for the glorious hallelujahs we shout when rejoicing together on Easter/Resurrection Sunday.

_MG_4907So, we began the practice of “packing away” the hallelujahs at the end of our Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper. I set up tables with sticks (balloon bouquet sticks from the local party supply store), streamers, tape and paper pennants with “hallelujah” printed on them. Children, youth, and even a few adults enjoy making their own creations while listening to live jazz and chomping on a delicious pancake supper. _MG_4921   _MG_4962

This year, we invited a friend of my husband to bring some other musician friends and their four piece jazz combo really brought down the house! All ages enjoyed themselves…this is one of the events we do as a church where it REALLY is hard to find someone not smiling and thoroughly enjoying themselves! _MG_4932It’s just a joyful night. My husband said that “having fun” is one of the great secrets of this church family. I definitely agree. We know how to love God, we know how to eat AND we know how to have good ol’ fun!

_MG_4972During the final song of the evening (when the saints go march in’ in), EVERYONE dances around conga-line style and at the end of the song, we place our hallelujah banners, masks, streamers, etc. into a big bucket that I have marked, “Do not open until Easter.”

It’s a great way to take an abstract concept about the nature of the Lenten season and turn it into a concrete experience for children (and adults) to understand and put into practice!



  1. I love your passport to Easter idea! I think we would like to imitate it for out kids. We also would like to start a rotational Sunday program. I would love more details on your app and what activities the kids do during the week and for passport stamps. Finding your blog has been so inspiring Thanks


    • I’m so sorry I didn’t reply sooner, Gerri. Thanks for your kind words! The app was yapp.us but it is no longer free, so I am searching for something new. Hopefully I will post about it soon!

      Let me know if you have questions about workshop rotation! I love taking about it!


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