Good Friday For Families


My family (minus my husband) during a Family Palm Sunday School Lesson)

Most schools and some workplaces in our area are closed today in observance of Good Friday. This means that many families get to have a bonus day in their weekend.

Here are a few things that families with children and youth can do to remember and observe Good Friday. Do one or all of these activities at some point during the day:


1) Read the scripture passage about The trial and crucifixion of Jesus. While I don’t always recommend The Message version, in this case, it’s easy for children and youth to understand the story. Mark 15:1-39.  You can read it together.

2) Families with teens..preview this great video from The Skit Guys  together. Then talk about what it must have been like for the Disciples and for Jesus during the events leading up to The Crucifixion.

3) Families with preschool and elementary-aged childrenpreview this video together. After watching, get out some paper and crayons and pencils and have each family member draw something that had special meaning for you as you watched the video. Go around the family table and share your artwork.

4) Go to Good Friday Worship. Our church is having a time of communion. Bring your family anytime between noon-6pm and share in The Lord’s Supper and pray together. maybe even walk down to our crosses on the hill and pray together there.

5) Go on a nature walk together. I found this meaningful guide for a nature walk that would be good for all ages. Check out this blog for a downloadable printable to guide your wall around the neighborhood or local park.

6) Make a Good Friday Playlist. Look through your music or search youtube to make a playlist of videos or songs that focus on Jesus and The Cross. Here is a sample. Play that playlist throughout the weekend as you’re in the car or around the house. Maybe also make a playlist for Easter with songs about the resurrection to save for Sunday. Share it with me, too!

I’d love to hear more ways that your family creates space to remember The Cross today. Leave a comment with your ideas!


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