2016 Passports are here! 

I am completely overwhelmed at the “traffic” that my Journey to Easter Passports have been receiving lately! It’s exciting to see how so many people are interested in creating meaningful Lenten Experiences for children in their congregations! I would LOVE to see and hear how you are using them in your ministry setting!  IMG_3283

Here’s links to the PDFs of this year’s passports. I do not have this year’s as a publisher file because I now have a MacBook and publisher isn’t available on that platform. I am using iStudio now for my publishing needs.

2016 PASSPORT-blank

Stay tuned for a description of all of the activities we will be doing this year!



  1. I just wanted to thank you for sharing this with all of us. I read about your journey last year and we implemented it at our church this year. The Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper was fabulous and fun, as well as meaningful. I haven’t ever had so many compliments on an event. We each buried our hallelujah banners and then stepped over to paint a cross on canvas for our Ash Wednesday paraments for the communion table. We also slightly modified the intergenerational Ash Wednesday service that you linked to. So powerful. People are still talking about last week and I give the credit to you! Thank you for sharing! What an impact this is having on our church!


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