Praying the 50 States… Be a state family

Our 2016 Lenten theme at Central Christian Church in Waco, Texas is “Love, then go!” Throughout the Sundays in Lent we are exploring two great Bible passages … The Greatest Commandment & The Great Commission. During our Journey to Easter Experience with the children, we are broadening their circle of influence each week as they learn how to love, then go in their home, neighborhood, school, country, and world.

 In preparing for this Sunday, we needed to come up with something to show how the kids can share God’s love in our country. We decided to use this great free resource for a 50 states notebook/journal as well as these 50 states bingo and scrambled states matching games we found online, too.

 All of that was good, but I needed something more. That’s when I stumbled upon this blog where a homeschooling mom created a “50 states prayer project.” Now, this is a cool idea! So, what I am encouraging families to do is to take their 50 states prayer book that the kids received at church on Sunday, and keep it in their “Faith @ Home” basket. Each Friday, I’ll post another blog entry about one of the 50 states. Families can spend the following week praying for that state! So,I simply created a few extra pages for the notebook…a cover with the “praying for the States” title, an introduction/information page, and a list of some scriptures that families can read when praying for the different states in our country. These pages were simply inserted before the cover of the original book.

Here’s what I would like from you:

Inspired by the original blog on this 50 states prayer project, I would like to try to find at least one household in each of the 50 states that the families of my church can pray for over the coming year. OR if there is a general prayer need in your state, you can let me know and we will add that to the list (example: education circumstances, disaster relief, etc.)

If you’d like to participate, we will star with the following states:



  1. Your name, city & state and a photo of you and/or the members of your household.
  2. Share something you want us to know about your state.
  3. Your prayer request. (If you’d like to request prayer, but want me to keep your identity confidential, that is perfectly okay, too. Just let me know in an email).

Then, simply check back here each Friday as we journey across America joined together in prayer!


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